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The morning lightened without a sunrise being visible. It is foggy gray and everything is covered by a misty ice. I skated on the sidewalk afraid to lift my feet. Walking was really nice. The air temperature is just at freezing, which is warmer at dawn than it has been in a long time. 32 degrees may seem like a funny thing to celebrate but when you walk everyday being 30 degrees warmer is great. I won't have to fight ice all day long to keep fresh water available outside. It is a holiday.

We are cold still. This morning everything was covered by a hoare frost. Each twig of each tree was a frosty white. It was lovely. Then when the sun hit it the frost twinkled down to the ground. A very magical experience while doing chores. I feed and water everyone after walking each morning and today was special.

We have warmed up. There is water in my house again and all is good. Except, maybe, I should mention the snow. A dusting was forecast and we have more than an inch and it is still snowing. I am thinking fondly of getting my skis out. I saw a Bald Eagle right over the river yesterday. I looked this morning after walking but the trees are all white and dark. The eagles have the perfect disguise going today.
dogs in the snow

The temperature outside is warmer. 3 degrees above zero with the wind chill at -6. Walking was much nicer. I watched the light come to the day and saw a lovely sunrise with lots of apricot pink involved. Right as I turned into the driveway on my return I saw a deer watching me from the edge of the road about 100 yards to the east. I watched it for awhile also but turned and called the dogs before they could catch sight of it.

Well, I was kidding last week. This is cold, frigid, actually. Our air temperature is -10 and the wind chill at -30. I dressed, walked briefly, and did the morning chores. I am back inside by the wood stove. Wondering how many activities I can do within three feet radius of the stove. One of my chores was putting out birdseed. The birds are making full use of my efforts.
water color postcard