My name is Catherine Easton. I am a child of the 50's. My entire life has been spent on the plains. I love the flat plane of the prairie, revel in the long views, and appreciate the clear colors. All have a strong influence on my work. I am largely self taught. Two people I count as mentors are Bertha Galloway and Don Weddle.
           I have been weaving for about 19 years. I enjoy creating many different woven pieces. Weaving is an art form one can continue to learn and explore for a lifetime. I began the odyssey by raising sheep. Many of my weavings are constructed of home raised, handspun, commercial or natural dyed yarns. I thrive on beauty and variety.

           I live at the most beautiful place on earth. I find each day a joy of color and possibility. My pieces are one of a kind. I will gladly work with you on special orders for particular colors or color combinations on one of a kind items. I have done commissioned portraits of favored pets, friends, children, homes, and farmsteads. I would appreciate the opportunity to attempt one for you.